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The Ministry of Health of Ukraine announced the amount needed to restore medical infrastructure


Ukraine needs at least $14.2 billion to rebuild the medical infrastructure destroyed during the war.

These figures were released by the Ministry of Health, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

The Ministry of Health notes that in 2024, the restoration needs amount to UAH 0.9 billion. The funds should be used, in particular, for primary health care needs, as well as for minor repairs to restore the functionality of health care facilities, primarily in the de-occupied territories.

In particular, the investments will help to accelerate the restoration of facilities damaged during the war, as well as the development and modernization of outdated rehabilitation and psychiatric facilities.

The expenditures also include a further increase in funding for mental health services, in particular for veterans and victims of violence, expansion of rehabilitation services, screening for non-communicable diseases, assistance to people with chronic diseases, and expansion of vaccination.

It is noted that as of April 4, 2024, 1574 facilities in 668 medical institutions were damaged and 209 facilities in 97 medical institutions were destroyed in Ukraine.

It is not yet possible to obtain complete information on the damage to medical facilities in the temporarily occupied territories and in the territories of active hostilities.

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