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Address of the Fund’s management on the occasion of the anniversary of the full-scale invasion


Dear friends!

Today, February 24, is the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

So many things have happened during this time that they would be enough to last a lifetime. Only God knows how much more lies ahead. At the beginning of the great war, Ukraine was given three days, then several weeks. They said that Kyiv would fall. But we have been holding on for two years.

The Nation is holding on.

Because it knows what it is defending and what it can lose.

So on this day, we just want to say thanks. To the defenders – for their courage and will. And to all Ukrainians for their resilience.

Let us continue to believe and support each other. This is the only way to victory!

Glory to Ukraine!

Pavlo KOSTYUK, founder of the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund

Viktoriia KORSUNOVA, Director of the URF Kyiv office

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