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The concept of creating energy-efficient ecological settlements was submitted to the URF competition


The project “Restoration and Development: Energy Efficient Ecological Settlements in Wartime” is to be implemented by Yana Selikhova, a PhD student at the Department of Urban Construction and Management of the O.M. Beketov KhNUIA.

The innovative initiative of the young scientist integrates advanced technologies and approaches in urban planning, energy and ecology to create a sustainable living environment in the context of instability caused by military operations.

The main idea is to harmoniously combine human needs with the preservation of the natural environment, taking into account the specifics of wartime, which requires special sustainability and adaptability of design solutions.

Yana Selikhova

“The developed model allows us to select design approaches in accordance with the needs of a particular territory, taking into account its geographical, climatic, and socio-economic conditions,” says the scientist.

The author of the concept wants to pay considerable attention to the use of renewable energy sources, efficient resource management, and minimizing environmental impact.

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