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Mission of the fund

The Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund has a much broader goal than providing charitable assistance to war victims.

Taking into account the challenges of today, our approach to the recovery of Ukraine involves the development and implementation of innovative projects using non-typical solutions.

The main idea is not to formalize the process of formation of Ukraine, but to develop and implement a multi-vector aid mechanism that is oriented to the citizen/community/region.

Our Fund is aimed to directly determine the needs of territorial communities, and therefore the population that forms them. As of today, we have more than 10 memorandums with the state, regional, district, and local authorities of Ukraine.

The list of tasks implemented through our projects:

  • the restoration of mutilated infrastructure (special attention – to objects of the fuel and energy complex);
  • assistance in providing healthcare facilities (including military hospitals);
  • the restoration of the housing (construction of cottage towns using a closed cycle of operation);
  • reconstruction of water treatment, water supply, and drainage systems in settlements with a population of 60,000 or more;
  • provision of restored objects with alternative types of energy;
  • construction of waste recycling enterprises;
  • the restoration of damaged enterprises of the state, common, and private form of ownership with ensuring the start of production;
  • creation and financing of enterprises with a large share of export products;
  • support for agricultural producers and their lending in territories located at least 200 kilometers from the zone of active hostilities;
  • rehabilitation and psychological support of persons affected by the war, including internally displaced persons.

Let’s rebuild Ukraine –
let’s rebuild the peaceful future of the world!