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Application of UAVs in civil defense: what a participant of the URF scientific competition proposes


Andrii Havrys, an associate professor at Lviv State University of Life Safety, plans to investigate and find solutions to the existing dangers and risks of using UAVs in the field of civil protection in Ukraine.

The scientist submitted his project concept for participation in the competition “Revival and Innovative Development of Ukraine” launched by the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund.

He emphasizes that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is becoming more and more widespread in Ukraine, including in the SES units.

“But in practice, there is a problem with the process of integrating UAV technology into the rescue service. Integrating new technologies into rapid response processes can be difficult, especially if the technology itself is new and the options for its use and tactical capabilities are still being explored,” says Andrii Havrys.

The main goal of his idea is to develop a mechanism for integrating UAV technology into the practical activities of civil defense units with its subsequent inclusion in the basis of the author’s training course “UAV Use in Civil Defense.”

He plans to implement the project in several stages: by conducting a survey of international rescuers who work directly with UAVs, researching ways to solve such problems in European countries, and testing all the solutions found in practice in Ukrainian conditions.

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