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Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin: expectations of the URF leadership


Ukraine Recovery Conference will be held in Berlin on June 11-12, 2024. It will bring together leaders of governments from a number of countries, international organizations, business and civil society. The founder of the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund, Pavlo KostYuk, shared his expectations of the event.

First of all, he noted that the restoration of Ukraine is an important element of strengthening democracy in Europe. A successful, prosperous Ukraine, according to the founder of the URF, is the key to European stability.
“Our ability to reconstruct effectively will show that democratic values and economic development go hand in hand. It will also help to strengthen trust in democratic processes among Ukrainian citizens and our international partners,” said Kostyuk.

Combating corruption risks in Ukraine should be a priority on the agenda.

“Corruption undermines trust in government institutions, scares away investors and hinders economic development. We need to demonstrate concrete steps to reduce corruption. These measures will not only improve the investment climate, but also ensure the efficient use of resources allocated for the recovery,” said Kostyuk.

In addition, he once again emphasized that the private sector should be the basis for Ukraine’s recovery. Supporting small and medium-sized businesses, attracting foreign investment and creating a favorable business climate are key to sustainable economic growth.

“We need to promote innovation, reduce barriers to doing business and ensure legal protection of entrepreneurs,” emphasized the founder of the Ukrainian Business Forum.

Human capital is also an integral element of a successful economy and sustainable development. In the context of Ukraine’s recovery, preserving and developing this capital is also becoming an urgent task, emphasized Pavlo Kostyuk.

“Investing in education, health and social programs is not only a moral and ethical duty of society, but also a strategic step to achieve a successful recovery,” he commented.

Finally, a critical topic for discussion is the restoration of energy infrastructure, which has been the target of massive shelling by Russia. Stable energy supply is the basis for a stable economy, the functioning of industry and the provision of basic needs of the population.

“Without resolving this issue, the implementation of other points becomes impossible.
We need to focus on the restoration and protection of energy facilities, as well as on the introduction of new technologies that will increase the resilience of our energy system,” emphasized Pavlo Kostyuk.

He expressed hope that the conference in Berlin will show progress in the joint work of the partners to restore Ukraine.

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