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Contest from URF: Kharkiv scientists propose to improve food processing technology


Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund continues to accept applications for participation in the contest of scientific and student project concepts “Revival and Innovative Development of Ukraine”.

It should be noted that the Fund announced the start of the contest on October 16 and has now received the first applications from the contestants.

At the initiative of the URF management, in the News section, we will briefly describe some of the submitted concepts to share the breadth and diversity of modern scientific thought on the post-war recovery of Ukraine.

In particular, the competition committee has recently received a collective application from young employees and students of the State Biotechnology University (Kharkiv). The concept concerns the food processing industry. Its authors are Andrii Zahorulko, Nataliia Tytarenko, Ibaiev Eldar Bairam ohly, Sofiia Minenko and Maksym Prykhodko.

The scientists propose the development of hardware and technological solutions (creation of fundamentally new and improvement of traditional equipment) for the production of multi-purpose polycomponent organic semi-finished products, as well as food in the context of military operations.

They believe that the project will help shape the daily diet and support the immunity of the population, especially people living in extreme conditions (Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel, peacekeepers, doctors, volunteers, internally displaced persons, and others).

“Providing daily nutritious meals can be realized on the basis of our own raw material base of organic origin, which is a cheap organic source of physiologically functional ingredients, to support processing and production enterprises of the agro-industrial complex while creating resource-efficient mobile heating equipment”,  – the contestants emphasize.

We congratulate the Kharkiv team on their successful application, agree with the importance of the project, and sincerely wish them victory!

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