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Viktoriia Korsunova: We aim to build an economy based on a radically new platform


At a time when Ukraine is going through difficult challenges, the Fund will help build a new economy, rebuild infrastructure and continue reforms. These are not only important tasks, but also necessary steps to ensure the country’s resilience in the face of war.

This was stated by Viktoriia Korsunova, Director of the Kyiv office of the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund.

“Together with Ukraine, we aim to build an economy based on a radically new, innovative platform. Continued reforms on the path to the European Union and the country’s recovery play an important role in our Fund’s development strategy,” said the head of the Office.

According to her, despite the difficulties associated with Russian aggression, Ukraine has managed to maintain macro-financial stability. However, defense and security needs are costly, and every hryvnia is an important investment in the country’s future.

“Attracting external assistance from our partners is an important part of our strategy. Over the past two years, Ukraine has already attracted $75 billion in foreign aid, and this year it plans to attract at least $37 billion,” emphasized the Director of the URF Kyiv Office.

According to Viktoriia Korsunova, it is important for Ukraine to ensure the stability of international investment, regardless of the political processes and elections that take place in our partners.

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