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Pavlo Kostyuk: «Transparency of reconstruction projects will shape Ukraine’s reputation»


Pilot reconstruction projects implemented in Ukraine with the support of donors should show the world that Ukrainians are ready to work openly.

This was emphasized by the founder of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund, Pavlo Kostyuk. According to him, Western partners closely monitor the reconstruction in Bucha and other war-affected cities.


«Leading media outlets publish articles on this topic, where reconstruction is mentioned in the context of the high level of corruption in Ukraine. In these articles, experts express the opinion, with which I fully agree, that it is not enough to find funding and organize the reconstruction processes. It is also important to make them as transparent as possible. This is a matter of our reputation and future as part of the democratic world,» said Pavlo Kostyuk.

The head of the URF hopes that soon the tools that will allow detecting possible fraudulent transactions with the budget at all stages of project implementation will be fully operational.

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