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Science and the reconstruction of Ukraine: The Fund took part in the forum


Representatives of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund took part in the Third All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “The Role of Science in the Reconstruction of Ukraine”.

The event, organized by the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine, was held on November 29, 2023, in Kyiv. At the conference, which included six panel discussions, experts involved in the development of construction science and practical reconstruction of Ukraine, as well as representatives of public organizations, outlined important aspects of the industry.

In particular, they mentioned the amount of damage caused by the war: more than 200 thousand infrastructure facilities have been destroyed or damaged, and the area of residential buildings out of commission is approaching 100 million square meters. In the context of these challenges, the need for a significant increase in construction was discussed, especially in view of the significant restrictions on access to housing.

Another key topic of discussion was the insufficient level of funding for science, which remains below the statutory level of 1.7%. The conference participants expressed their belief that it is important to focus on the latest technologies to ensure the energy efficiency, resource savings, and environmental friendliness of buildings.

Head of the URF Kyiv office, Viktoriia Korsunova noted:

“Russia is trying to destroy Ukrainian science, educational and research institutions, and laboratories, and has already caused almost $1 billion in damage. That is why the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund pays attention to supporting science and scientists, including young ones”.

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