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Portable solar panel for military, rescuers and tourist purposes: a new project submitted to the URF competition


The commission of the competition of scientific and student projects “Revival and Innovative Development of Ukraine”, organized by the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund, has received a project concept from Yaroslav Melentyev.

The inventor from Pavlo Tychyna Uman University proposed the idea of creating a portable semiconductor solar panel with a heliographic ball concentrator to help the military, rescuers, and tourists.

The project is based on the task of eliminating the disadvantages of solar panels, reducing losses and increasing efficiency by using an efficient concentrator that increases the light flux.

The advantages of the portable solar panel design are the absence of moving parts and the absence of a mechanism for tracking the movement of the Sun. The spherical shape of the silicone balloon with water allows collecting sunlight on the surface of the solar cell regardless of the position of the Sun in the sky during daylight hours.


The sun’s rays pass through the silicone balloon with water and focus on the surface of the semiconductor film solar cell to form a focal spot that will be mixed over the surface during the day.

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