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Rescuing animals from the war zone: ukrainians leave no life in trouble


Despite the third year of war and active hostilities, ukrainians do not leave any life to chance. This was emphasized by the head of the URF Kyiv office Victoriia Korsunova.

She commented on the photos from the border area of Kharkiv region, where local residents are being evacuated due to constant shelling by Russia.

“Very heartbreaking photos are published from Vovchansk and the surrounding villages. Destitute people leave everything they have, but take their animals out of the fire,” said the head of the office.

In recent days, animal volunteers have evacuated hundreds of dogs, cats, birds and livestock from Kharkiv region. Most of them will need treatment and further care.

Viktoriia Korsunova emphasized that she bows low to those who take responsibility for their fate.

“I learned about the difficulties faced by volunteers after the evacuation of animals from Olena Bila, a partner of our Foundation. She is raising funds herself to create a center for the rescued animals. I am proud that despite the third year of the war and active hostilities, Ukrainians do not leave any life to chance,” said Viktoriia Korsunova.

She added that the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund will soon announce a campaign to help Olena Bila open the “Baron Dog” center for rescued animals.

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