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Innovative approach to mine clearance – a new concept at the URF scientific competition


The URF scientific competition commission has received a concept for the implementation of a Modular Remote Controlled Mine Detection System (MoRoMin), an innovative method of land clearance for public and economic use.

The author of the project is Liubov Marchuk, a PhD student at the department of automation of electrical and mechatronic complexes at the National technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute”.

According to her, MoRoMin combines mechanical sensing with advanced non-invasive technologies to accurately detect hidden threats and reduce false positives.

The innovation of the project lies in its modular design and the use of remotely controlled systems, which minimizes human risk and increases adaptability to different terrains.

“By ensuring safe and effective clearance of landmines and explosive ordnance, the project lays the foundation for the country’s future development by facilitating the restoration and modernization of critical infrastructure,” the scientist emphasizes.

The modular components of MoRoMin, the author of the concept adds, are designed to be cost-effective and are cost-effective to manufacture and maintain. And the technological feasibility of the system is supported by modern advances in remote control and sensor technology.

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