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Contest from the URF: scientists propose to study the effectiveness of innovative financial instruments


The Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund reminds that on October 16, the contest of project concepts “Revival and Innovative Development of Ukraine” started.

Applications are currently being accepted. We receive letters from scientists and students from all over the country. Some of them are described in this section.

For example, recently we received an application from PhDs in Economics: Hanna Kostioviat, Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Banking at UzhNU (Uzhhorod), and Viacheslav Rohov, Associate Professor of the Department of Intellectual Digital Economy at the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (Mykolaiv).

As part of the project, they propose to conduct a comprehensive analysis of various innovative financial instruments (such as venture capital, crowdfunding, and blockchain-based financing) and assess their impact on the development trajectories of startups and small businesses.

In particular, researchers want to identify industries and business types where innovative financial instruments can be most effective in martial law and post-war reconstruction.

The goal is to obtain models for the effective use of such instruments.

The project, according to the applicants, will provide entrepreneurs with scientifically based recommendations when creating investment plans and making business decisions.

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