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Dear Ukrainian women! The leadership of the URF congratulates you on the International Women’s Day!


On the occasion of the Day, we would like to note how much the perception of the role of women in Ukrainian society has changed in recent years.

Patriarchal stereotypes have been replaced by the image of a woman partner in the family, everyday life, and professional sphere. And it’s a good thing! It is a marker of a healthy and mature community.

Of course, the situation was significantly affected by the war. Ukrainian women today are not only caretakers. She works on a par with men to support her family, drives a truck, goes down into the mine, takes up arms. In short, she proves that there is no “weaker sex”.

So on this day, we want to sincerely thank every Ukrainian woman. And to express our respect for their strength of spirit, resilience and endurance, and lust for life!

We believe that there will be victory and peace! We support you and look forward to new achievements!

Founder of the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund Pavlo Kostiuk
Director of the Kyiv office of the URF Viktoriia Korsunova

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