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Viktoriia Korsunova welcomed the new agreement with the EIB: It will allow attracting EUR 100 million for the restoration of communities


In the near future, Ukraine will be able to attract EUR 100 million to support communities, primarily those affected by Russia’s military aggression. The relevant financial agreement between Ukraine and the European Investment Bank (EIB) was signed during the International Conference on the Restoration of Ukraine and is in the process of ratification.

The EIB’s support will be focused in particular on the following areas

– rehabilitation of municipal infrastructure, including schools (including measures to reform the school feeding system) and healthcare facilities

– projects to provide housing for internally displaced persons;

– infrastructure facilities in the areas of water supply, wastewater disposal, and heat supply.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) continues to be one of Ukraine’s main partners, particularly in the process of rebuilding and restoring infrastructure damaged as a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation in the liberated territories or areas with a large number of internally displaced persons.

Since 2014, EUR 540 million of loan funds have been attracted under two financial agreements between Ukraine and the EIB to support Ukraine’s recovery potential.


“Since 2014, these funds have been used to implement more than 400 important social projects: schools, restoration of kindergartens, healthcare facilities, critical infrastructure, housing projects for IDPs, etc.”, said Victoria Korsunova, Director of the URF Kyiv Office.

She believes that these projects are of great humanitarian importance, as their implementation ensures access to quality services for the population in the regions affected by military aggression.

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