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Pavlo Kostyuk: The foundations of the country’s future recovery are being laid now


Large-scale destruction and reconstruction of the destroyed have become one of the main challenges that Ukraine has faced since the beginning of the war and is trying to overcome.

This was recently officially announced by the Government of Ukraine. For the Ukrainian authorities, it was crucial to start rebuilding Ukraine without waiting for the war to end.

In 2023, 23,000 multi-storey buildings and private houses, nearly 900 medical and more than 600 educational institutions, and 9,200 critical infrastructure facilities were restored.

An important task was to create a coalition to restore Ukraine and convince our partners that it is possible to start rebuilding quickly.

“The need for rapid reconstruction is what our Foundation emphasized at the beginning of its work in 2022. I am glad that there is a unanimous position on this issue both within the country and among partners,” commented Pavlo Kostyuk, founder of the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund.

He noted that the foundations for the future full restoration of the country are being laid right now: the formation of working ties, the search for optimal solutions and the development of an action algorithm.

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