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Pavlo Kostyuk: “The Ukrainian economy is recovering, but the support of partners is still vital”


The Ukrainian economy has shown positive dynamics in 2023. At the same time, the country still needs the support of its Western partners.

This was emphasized by the head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund, Pavlo Kostyuk.

“I remember the not-so-optimistic forecasts of analysts a year ago. However, Ukraine’s GDP is recovering, albeit slowly and difficultly, from the losses in 2022. The hryvnia exchange rate is stable, and inflation is fairly low. Businesses demonstrate a high level of resilience, which is noted in conversations with potential investors. They are amazed at how the Ukrainian economy is stubbornly paving the way in the face of war”, says Pavlo Kostyuk.

He added that everyone understands that Ukraine owes this result to its partners. Without the West’s help, no front would have been able to hold out for long, neither the military nor the economic front.

“I think this is a reason to draw the right conclusions. Ukraine wants to live, Ukrainians know how to work, earn money and think about the future. Given the economic indicators, the funds provided are being used for their intended purpose. One day, we will finally recover from the war. But the war is still far from over, so we need a friendly shoulder more than ever”, said the head of the URF. Mr.

Kostyuk expressed his hope that the political instability that has recently escalated will not affect the level of support for Ukraine.

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