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A new participant of the URF competition proposed the Digital Rebuild Invest project


Dmytro Beraya, a student at Lutsk National Technical University, submitted an idea to the competition committee that could become an effective tool for attracting international investment to regions that need to rebuild and develop infrastructure, as well as rebuilding Ukraine’s economy through the development of small and medium-sized businesses.


Dmytro sees the relevance of the project, which was submitted as part of the “Revival and Innovative Development of Ukraine” competition, in the fact that the volume of investment in the reconstruction and development of Ukraine, both international and domestic, has recently decreased significantly. The reason for this is the lack of transparency in the process of spending investment funds, the lack of financial transparency, and, as a result, the decline in trust.

Thus, according to the study, only 4 out of 12 non-governmental funds supporting Ukraine are transparent. The other 8 funds do not publish enough information about their activities and are not subject to effective control. This has led to a 3-fold decrease in the number of donors compared to 2022 and 2023.

Another problem is fraud. Monobank’s clients alone sent about 6 million hryvnias to “non-existent foundations” in just 15 days in October.

That is why the goal of Dmytro’s project is to create a functional information portal and form a transparent database of both recipients of funds and investors, verify their integrity and monitor the country’s recovery efforts.


Among the main users of the platform, which will be built using blockchain and neural network technologies, the contestant identifies the following groups:

– internally displaced persons who have lost their businesses due to the war but want to engage in entrepreneurial activities;

– military personnel who are no longer able to defend Ukraine and want to start their own business;

– entrepreneurs;

– investors who see the prospects for Ukraine’s development and opportunities to increase their wealth.

Implementation of the project will significantly increase the transparency of information for investors who plan to invest in the reconstruction of Ukraine’s economy.

“We act as an intermediary between investors and entrepreneurs, ensuring effective communication and helping to find the best investment opportunities. Therefore, our mission is to promote business and economic development by creating favorable conditions for both parties,” Dmytro Beraya emphasized in his project concept.

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