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To the attention of people with disabilities and their loved ones! A multifunctional rehabilitation chair for those in need!


The Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund has received from its partners a multifunctional rehabilitation chair Invacare TDX SP Power, which we can transfer for permanent free use to those in need.

The device is equipped with wheels of a high level of cross-country ability, has built-in systems for adjusting the speed and seat position. The kit includes a battery and charger, as well as a joystick for right-handed control.

These and other features help to significantly improve the quality of life!

At the moment, the chair is in the United States, and documents are being prepared to send it to Ukraine. During this time, we want to find a person who has difficulty moving and needs help the most.

If you or your loved ones have such a need, please subscribe to our page and send us a private message:

– Name of the person with disabilities;

– the settlement where you live

– your brief history;

– contact details (phone, e-mail) by which you can be reached.

We accept applications until June 30, 2024. Based on the applications, the new owner of the chair will be selected by our partner in the United States, who will transfer the vehicle.

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