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URF contestant is working on a methodology for creating new carbon sorbents


Production of effective and affordable carbon sorbents of plant origin for environmental remediation is one of the new projects of the URF scientific competition.

The author of the concept is Vitalii Vashchynskyi, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Senior Lecturer at Lviv Polytechnic national university.

The scientist emphasizes that in the modern world, due to the intensive work of industrial enterprises, the amount of emissions into the environment is growing sharply. In Ukraine, the situation is exacerbated by the outbreak of hostilities.

“Given the complexity and scale of the problems associated with the consequences of hostilities, environmental safety becomes one of the top priorities after the war ends. This is especially true for cleaning the environment from toxic and polluting substances,” the scientist says.

Vitalii Vashchynskyi plans to work on modifying raw materials derived from certain types of agricultural waste and methods of producing affordable and highly efficient carbon sorbents from them.

“Carbon sorbents synthesized from plant-based materials will be chemically inert and cost-effective, as they can help reduce the cost of water and soil treatment and other environmental measures, which is especially important after the war when resources may be limited,” the author of the concept emphasizes.

Such sorbents can also be used in the food, medical, and military sectors.

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