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URF competitors plan to explore and implement the possibilities of 3D construction printing


New participants of the URF scientific competition propose a project for the use of industrial waste for the construction of various structures using 3D construction printing technology.

The authors of the concept are students of the Kyiv National University of construction and architecture Valeriia Dovzhenko, Yan Kormilitsyn, Vladyslav Bulatov, Vitalii Tereshchenko, and Aliona Kononenko.

The scientific novelty of the project lies in the application of 3D printing technology for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, in particular, the creation of a construction mixture for a 3D construction printer based on slag and recycled building materials.

“In today’s difficult conditions for Ukraine’s economy, it is the circular use of waste that will allow us to save on natural resources and at the same time get rid of losses on the disposal of industrial waste and construction waste from destroyed facilities. We are also developing a project that will allow us to use pieces of destroyed buildings as aggregate for new concrete,” the contestants emphasize.

The students plan to conduct experiments on the production of the latest building materials and implement these new technologies in industry.

3D construction printing technologies are becoming increasingly relevant. And if we combine it with the circular use of industrial waste, the number of potential production chains can be almost endless, the young scientists emphasize.

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