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Viktoriia Korsunova on some results of the Fund’s work in the international field of activity


Viktoriia Korsunova, Director of the Kyiv Office of the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund, summarized the results of the Fund’s work in the international field of activity.

In the past year of 2023, the management and representatives of the URF took part in a number of international forums held both in Ukraine and various Western countries. The main goal set by the Fund was to attract new partners and new investments for the restoration of Ukraine.

During the various events, a number of talks were held with American, European and Ukrainian businessmen, government officials and representatives of international financial organizations.

– The main conclusion of most of these meetings is the understanding that such a huge undertaking as rebuilding a war-torn country should rely largely on the private sector. The scope of work to rebuild the infrastructure is so large that huge sums of money are needed. Of course, no budgetary allocations will be enough to rebuild Ukraine,” emphasized Viktoriia Korsunova.

“In addition, Ukrainian business has suffered significant losses during the pandemic and war. Therefore, it is very important to improve and strengthen the state policy of stimulating and encouraging small and medium-sized businesses.

“Our foreign partners have a clear understanding that the systemic development of the private sector is critical for the sustainability of the Ukrainian economy and the infrastructure reconstruction of Ukraine,” emphasized the Director of the URF Kyiv Office.

In 2024, the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund intends to expand its cooperation programs with various business structures to deepen the Fund’s charitable activities.

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