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Congratulations of the management of the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund on the Day of Vyshyvanka


Dear Ukrainians!

We sincerely congratulate you on the holiday of national unity – Vyshyvanka Day, one of the brightest national symbols of Ukraine! A symbol that unites Ukrainians regardless of the language they speak or the place they live.

Vyshyvanka Day has been especially important over the past three years, when a full-scale aggressive war has been waged against Ukraine. The embroidered shirt has become a symbol of the indomitable Ukrainian spirit, a statement to the world that Ukrainians are a free people.

Vyshyvanka Day is a holiday, first and foremost, to celebrate Ukrainian traditions and culture, to appeal to the Ukrainian national consciousness, patriotism and spirit of unity of the people. However, each of us who is currently safe can wear an embroidered shirt to support the spirit of Ukrainians and Ukrainian soldiers.

Let us honor the history of Ukraine and preserve its spiritual values!

Sincerely yours

Pavlo KOSTYUK, founder of the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund

Victoria KORSUNOVA, director of the URF Kyiv office

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