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Non-competitive project for rehabilitation of veterans and their families submitted to the Fund


The commission of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund has submitted a concept for the project “Recovery House for Veterans and Their Families” for non-competitive consideration. This concept is considered outside the main competition “Revival and Innovative Development of Ukraine”.

The main idea is to create a space in the Carpathians for veterans and their families to undergo physical and mental rehabilitation.

The project will be implemented by Anna Liudnova, a writer, the first Ukrainian to study poetry therapy under the certified American CRC and CAPF programs, and a member of the editorial board of the international Journal of Poetry Therapy.

The project is supported by Sherry Reiter, PhD, Master of Theater Education at New York University.

The project includes group poetry therapy workshops for veterans and their spouses, the possibility of individual sessions, the work of psychologists, a coach, as well as individual facilitation consultations and training support from Sherry Reiter.

This project is about the path to resilience, healing, and, most importantly, psychological and mental reboot.

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