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The Fund continues to assist in the treatment of Ukrainian soldier Stanislav Usyk


Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund is supporting the further examination and treatment of Stanislav Usyk, a soldier from Kryvyi Rih.

“Recently, the fighter was examined by Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, ophthalmologist Natalia Veselovska”, – said Vladyslav Pashkovskyi, the Fund’s project development advisor.

We remind you that in late august, Stas sustained complex mine-blast wounds in a battle near Robotyne. He was shell-shocked, suffered eardrum and arm injuries, lost one eye and can hardly see with the other.

According to the conclusions of the examination, there is a risk that the percentage of vision in the functioning eye will decrease. Therefore, the fighter agreed on a treatment plan for the next few weeks.

Stanislav will also have to undergo a long-term examination and surgery to prepare for prosthetics of the eye that was lost.

According to Victoriia Korsunova, head of the URF’s Kyiv office, helping the military who were wounded during the war is an extremely important matter for the Fund.

“The military gave their health to protect our country and our values. They need physical and psychological support, access to medical services and rehabilitation. Returning them to normal life after the difficult experiences in the war is our gratitude and respect for their service”, – said Victoriia Korsunova.

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