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The Foundation will join fundraising for the Center for Rescued Animals


The Ukraine Reconstruction Fund will join the fundraising for the construction of the Baron Dog Animal Care Center.

This was reported by the head of the Kyiv office of the URF, Victoria Korsunova.

On April 20, Viktoriia Korsunova attended the Best Eco Fest charity festival, which was organized near Kyiv as part of the Rescued animal rescue project.

The festival was aimed at raising funds for the opening of Olena Bila’s pet rescue center “Dog Baron”.

Olena Bila is a Ukrainian animal volunteer who, together with her colleagues, is engaged in the evacuation of animals from the war zone. With her help, several thousand animals have been rescued from the hot spots. Among them are not only dogs and cats, but also rodents, goats, and even lions and bears.

One of the rescued dogs is Baron, who became a member of Olena’s family. She takes him with her during evacuations. The volunteer is planning to name a shelter in his honor, for which she is currently raising funds. She is not only involved in evacuations, but also in the rehoming of animals.

“During the festival, we had a chance to talk to Ms. Olena. She told me that she decided to set up a shelter because there are not enough places in Ukraine where the evacuated animals could be helped. At the same time, both the military and volunteers rescue a large number of “ponytails” and are concerned about their fate. It is planned that the Olena Bila Center will be able to fully accommodate more than 500 evacuated animals,” said Korsunova.

She also said that the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund plans to join the fundraising for the Center and will announce a corresponding campaign soon.

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