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Results of Ukraine Recovery Conference-2024: 110 international agreements worth over EUR 16 billion


International agreements and assistance worth more than EUR 16 billion were signed and announced during the Ukraine Recovery Conference-2024. This was announced by the Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yulia Svyrydenko.

The conference was held in Berlin on June 11-12, 2024.

“We have signed the first guarantee and grant agreements for EUR 1.4 billion under the investment component of the Ukraine Facility program, the SME Sustainability Alliance for EUR 7 billion and the Skills Alliance for more than EUR 700 million,” said Yulia Svyrydenko.

The following agreements were signed and assistance announced during the International Recovery Conference:

  1. Guarantee and grant agreements under the investment component of the Ukraine Facility program – EUR 1.4 billion.
  2. An aid package to support the energy sector from the United States – $824 million.
  3. Launch of the SME Resilience Alliance for Ukraine – a commitment of €7 billion.
  4. Skills Alliance retraining program – more than 700 million euros.
  5. Additional funding for humanitarian land demining – $35 million.
  6. 14 agreements between Ukrainian and German and international business partners – over 560 million euros.
  7. Risk insurance agreements worth over $350 million.

In total, 110 international agreements were signed during the conference.

In addition, the Ministry of Economy presented the Investment Guide, which includes 95 investment projects requiring about $27 billion in financing. It also presented European integration documents, including the SME Development Strategy and the National Energy and Climate Plan.

The Business Advisory Council was also launched to help improve the investment climate in Ukraine. It includes nearly two dozen CEOs of leading global companies and business associations from different countries.

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