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Pavlo Kostyuk summarized the results of 2023 and talked about the Fund’s plans for the future


In 2024, the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund will focus on implementing already launched projects and offer new ideas. This was emphasized by the founder of the Fund, Pavlo Kostyuk.

«Throughout the past year, representatives of the Fund on two continents attended forums, conferences, and organized meetings to set up work with the greatest benefit for Ukraine. As before, we are focusing our efforts on large-scale projects to rebuild social infrastructure and introduce alternative energy,» said Pavlo Kostyuk.



He reminded that in 2023 the URF announced the launch of the project «World Athletes for Children of Ukraine» and the competition of scientific project concepts «Revival and Innovative Development of Ukraine».

«Since August, when we launched the sports project, many famous American and Ukrainian athletes have united around it, and the Foundation has received many proposals for developing children’s and youth sports in Ukraine. A working group is currently discussing and systematizing them. As a result, we should get a program – a roadmap that we will offer to investors ready to invest their money and time,» said the URF founder.

Meanwhile, the competition among young scientists and talented students is gaining momentum.

«We will summarize the results of the competition in March. So I invite the scientific community to send their applications more actively. After all, the winner will receive not only a cash prize but also support for their work in the United States,» added Pavlo Kostyuk.

In addition, in 2023, the Foundation took over the rehabilitation of Ukrainian children and the military. In particular, the Foundation’s specialists are currently engaged in the treatment of Stanislav Usyk, who was wounded in the battles near Bakhmut and are helping to bring little Sofia Sysak from Ternopil to the Okhmatdyt Children’s hospital.

«Thanks to this experience, we realized that the medical direction should become a priority for us in 2024. We are currently establishing close relations with leading medical centers and studying the field of rehabilitation services in Ukraine. We cooperate with other charitable organizations that specialize in medicine. We have fresh ideas that we hope to implement in the coming months,» said Pavlo Kostyuk.

According to him, in 2024, the Foundation will continue to implement targeted humanitarian aid programs for individual Ukrainians affected by the war, as well as for medical institutions, schools, and kindergartens. In view of this, Pavlo Kostyuk once again reminded us that the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund is open to any proposals from investors and philanthropists.

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