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Day of remembrance and victory over nazism in the World War II


On this day, Ukraine, along with the rest of Europe, commemorates the Day of remembrance and victory over nazism in World War II (1939-1945). The memory of that war has taught us to value and cherish peace.

Millions of ukrainians took part in the fight against the nazis, making an important contribution to the victory of humanity over Hitler and his supporters.

However, Russian propaganda distorted the events of World War II and distorted the memory of the war, turning it into a satanic cult of «victory».

Today, ukrainians are once again forced to defend their values, their land, and their lives. But the enemy is different now – Putin’s nazism.

Only a strong anti-Putin coalition can stop nazism, as it did in 1945. The entire civilized world must unite to prevent the spread of a new evil on the European continent and around the world.

We believe in the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and do everything for the Victory!


Pavlo KOSTYUK, founder of the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund

Viktoriia KORSUNOVA, director of the URF Kyiv office

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