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Pavlo Kostyuk: “ Partners assistance is the key to Ukraine’s successful preparation for the heating season”


The founder of the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund, Pavlo Kostyuk, expressed his gratitude to Ukraine’s partners for their financial assistance in restoring the country’s energy infrastructure.

Thus, the United States, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany and a number of other countries have already allocated or plan to allocate additional funds under various programs.

Most of the funds will be used to replenish the Energy Support Fund, purchase equipment to repair damaged energy infrastructure, strengthen physical protection of facilities and provide backup power. The money is also allocated for green recovery: the implementation of innovative projects in the field of energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy sources.

“Attacks on the Ukrainian energy sector continue. The enemy does not give up hope of destroying the will of Ukrainians by depriving their homes of light and heat. I am grateful to our partners for understanding the criticality of the situation and providing a reliable shoulder of support. I am confident that the help of our friends will give us the resources to prepare for all possible scenarios of the next heating season,” emphasized Pavlo Kostyuk.

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