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«World athletes for children of Ukraine»


Famous American and Ukrainian athletes joined the humanitarian project of the URF for the development of children and youth sports in Ukraine.

On August 23, 2023, an extremely important event took place: representatives of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund Charitable Foundation together with famous Ukrainian athletes discussed a humanitarian project initiated by US athletes to support the youth of Ukraine.

«World athletes for children of Ukraine» project is aimed at developing children’s and youth sports in our country.

At a meeting held at the Values Cultural and Educational Center in Kyiv, the project was supported by Honored Master of Sports, World Judo Champion Georgii Zantaraia, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, Olympic handball medalist Larysa Zaspa, and Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, Olympic freestyle wrestling medalist Valerii Andriіtsev.

The project was supported by the outstanding Ukrainian football player and coach Oleksandr Zavarov, a former midfielder of Dynamo Kyiv, Italian Juventus, French Nancy, and the USSR national team, European vice-champion, winner of the Cup of Cups and the UEFA Cup.

Oleksandr Zavarov, who is currently working in France, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and Partnership with the Foundation and joined its humanitarian mission.

The project will be supported by Andrii Chystov, the first trainer of World Boxing Champion Vitalii Klуchko. Currently, he is the President of the International MMA Federation and the head of the international charity foundation «Combat Sports Against Drug Addiction and Juvenile Delinquency».

Famous Ukrainian film director, screenwriter, and producer Lubomir Levitski has also joined the group of celebrity partners of the project. Liubomyr, who directed the first Ukrainian thriller «The Adit», is known for his active civic position and his desire to build a cultural bridge between Ukraine and the United States.

The main areas of cooperation between the Foundation and famous athletes cover several key aspects. First and foremost, it is about attracting investments for the reconstruction and development of children’s and youth sports infrastructure. Another important part of the partnership will be improving the conditions of education and training for young athletes, purchasing sports and training equipment, as well as organizing and holding sports competitions.

– The humanitarian project «World Athletes for Children of Ukraine” should be a step towards strengthening the sports spirit of our youth and demonstrate that sport is not only about physical achievements, but also a source of inspiration for the realization of dreams, – commented Viktoriia Korsunova, Head of the Foundation’s Kyiv office.

The URF’s partners in the implementation of the humanitarian project were the Ukraine in Armor Charitable Foundation headed by its director Anatolii Akulov, volunteer Oleksandr Malіuchenko, who was awarded the Golden Heart by the President of Ukraine for his dedicated work, and Ukrainian volunteers Viktor and Vladyslav Pashkovsky.

Famous Ukrainian athletes and their foreign colleagues show by concrete example that together we can change lives, support young people and build the future.

– We invite everyone who shares the values of sport to support this project. Together, we will create the best conditions for the development of children’s and youth sports in Ukraine and help our talented athletes realize their dreams, – Viktoriia Korsunova addressed the public.

Together we are strong, together we will win!

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