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URF will help with the treatment of wounded defenders of Ukraine


On October 9, the Head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund Pavlo KostYuk visited the Main Military Clinical Hospital in Kyiv.


Pavlo Kostyuk, together with Vladyslav Pashkovsky, Head of the URF project office, met with wounded soldiers undergoing treatment there to learn about their urgent problems.


Pavlo Kostyuk, Vladyslav Pashkovsky


– There are guys with injuries of varying degrees in the hospital. Including those requiring numerous surgical interventions and long rehabilitation. I saw a lot of young people. This is the generation that gives its best years to defend the Motherland. Our job is to help the soldiers return to a full life, – said the head of the Foundation.

Pavlo Kostyuk, in particular, said that the Foundation has taken control of the treatment of soldier Stanislav Usyk.

Stas, 28, is from Kryvyi Rih and will soon turn 28. At the end of August, in a battle near Robotyn, he received complex mine-blast wounds. He was shell-shocked, has injuries to his eardrums and arm, lost one eye and can hardly see with the other.

Only because the fighter immediately got into the hands of experienced doctors, he managed to avoid more serious complications. This guy has already been through a lot, but he still has several expensive surgeries and rehabilitation ahead of him.

– Stanislav and thousands of soldiers like him are protecting Ukraine. To support them morally, materially and financially on their way to recovery is the least we can do to repay them. So I urge business representatives and other people who care to consolidate around this good cause, – emphasized Pavlo Kostyuk.


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