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URF wants to support ideas on the introduction of green technologies


The Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund is considering the possibilities of supporting projects for the development of the energy system of Ukraine, emphasized the chair of the Fund, Pavlo Kostyuk.

According to him, at the conference on the restoration of Ukraine, which took place on June 21-22 in London, energy was named among the five most promising sectors for investment.

As for government support, in particular, the United States will provide Ukraine with $1.3 billion iin financing critical infrastructure reconstruction projects. Great Britain agreed to create a Green Innovation Fund worth 62 million pounds.

– Green energy occupies a separate place in the announced development plans. The Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund has also repeatedly emphasized that post-war reconstruction will become a driver for the implementation of leading ideas of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, Pavlo Kostyuk recalled.

Based on the results of participation in the London conference, the Fund decided to stimulate the development of innovative projects aimed at creating environmentally friendly technologies, and green energy sources, restoring the natural environment, and improving the state of the environment in the war-affected regions of Ukraine.

Currently, the URF Coordination Council is deciding in what format it will cooperate with the recipients.

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