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URF relies on cooperation with communities in the matter of infrastructure reconstruction


Appropriate thoughts were expressed the other day by the German Ambassador to Ukraine, AnKa Feldhusen, in an article for the Kyiv Security Forum: https://interfax.com.ua/news/economic/907501.html.

She reminded once again that Ukraine already needs more than 400 billion dollars to restore the infrastructure.

“The trust of legislators in the partner countries that will allocate these funds will require Ukraine to become an example of corruption prevention,” the ambassador stressed.

In addition, Anka Feldhusen believes, the country faces the task of building a proper management system, and therefore there is a need to continue implementing reforms, especially decentralization reforms.

“Decentralization involves the transfer of decisions and responsibilities to the regional and local levels in compliance with the principle of subsidiarity. That is, all political issues should be resolved locally as much as possible. People know better what is most necessary for them and their towns and villages,” said the representative of Germany.

The leadership and members of the coordination council of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund adhere to the same position.

— We started our activities by concluding memorandums of cooperation with local governments for good reason, – emphasizes the chair of the URF Pavlo Kostyuk. – Communities play a significant role in democratic development. Since Ukraine aspires to become a member of the EU, their positions should only strengthen.

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