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URF is looking for innovative solutions for the reconstruction of Ukraine, – the chair of the Fund


Science, technology, and innovations will play key roles in the reconstruction of war-torn regions of Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by the chair of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund Pavlo Kostyuk at the Derisking of Ukraine recovery landscape round table in Luxembourg.

Opportunities, mechanisms, and risk minimization for investors in the process of building the future of Ukraine were discussed at the event.

Together with representatives of the Ukrainian government, business associations, and public organizations, Pavlo Kostyuk became one of the speakers of the webinar held as part of the round table.

He presented the investment projects and humanitarian programs of the URF to the participants, and also spoke about how he sees the development of Ukraine and the role of the Fund in it.

– The goal of the fund is to make Ukraine a model of a modern economy by applying the latest technologies.  In particular, green energy, in which Ukraine has significant, almost unused potential, Pavlo Kostyuk noted.

The chair of the Fund added that events like the Rebuild Ukraine Hackathon can be a source of innovative solutions for Ukraine.  This hackathon gives a start to the ideas of Ukrainian youth related to the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.  Thus, the URF makes a high bet on promising ideas that are generated there.

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