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URF implements the principles of green reconstruction


The Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund was one of the first to consider the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine in the context of a green transition.

This was emphasized by the head of the Fund, Pavlo Kostyuk, at a meeting with potential investors of URF projects.

– The Ukrainian government has now embraced the concept of a green transition. This topic is also among the top discussions at various events on infrastructure revitalization. Our foundation predicted this trend a year and a half ago, – said Pavlo Kostyuk.

He noted that the URF has engaged designers who have formulated plans for the reconstruction of social facilities with the introduction of alternative energy sources. At the same time, the Fund’s projects incorporate modern standards of energy conservation and energy efficiency.

– Renewable energy and responsible energy use are things that go hand in hand. Obviously, this tandem has great potential in the process of rebuilding Ukraine. This is already understood by everyone, which I have once again seen during my current meetings with the business elite of Europe, – emphasized the Head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund.

Pavlo Kostyuk believes that in the near future we will see more changes (including at the legislative and regulatory levels) that will affect the confidence of the European community in this matter.

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