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“Unity for Ukraine”: URF will cooperate with a company engaged in NFT art


We are glad to announce that the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund has become a partner of the American company Ocean Group, LLC.

This summer, the company is entering the NFT art market with its first art collection of cards called United Nations Eagle, which is created to support peace in Ukraine and around the world (website uneagles.io).

At the heart of each image of the collection are bald eagles (the national symbol of the United States of America) holding the flags of 160 countries in their hands. Each NFT card is unique – the eagles on them have different emotions, clothing, attributes, and backgrounds – but they are all thematically related to Ukraine and the theme of peace.

“The eagle is a majestic and graceful bird, we chose it precisely for these reasons. Images of eagles represent strength, power, freedom, and hope,” a company spokesperson says.

In cooperation with the URF, the company prepared the “Unity for Ukraine” package for online sale. A pleasant physical bonus for its buyers will be stylized bracelets and T-shirts, bricks on which you can write your name in the history of the reconstruction of Ukraine. Paintings by Ukrainian artists and a paid weekend in Las Vegas will also be raffled off in the lottery.

According to the agreement of the parties, 55% of the sale of the “Unity for Ukraine” package and 60% of further royalties will be transferred by Ocean Group, LLC to the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund.

“We decided that a big part of our mission is to share with those in need. We believe that Ukraine will become even stronger than before the Russian invasion, and reconstruction will be a huge part of that future,” the spokesperson notes.

Part of the collection is already available at the link https://opensea.io/collection/uneagles.


For the record

Non-fungible token (NFT) is a cryptographic token hosted on a blockchain and it can be used to represent a unique digital asset such as artwork, music, and other digital goods.

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