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Ukrainian diplomacy sends the right signals to business in the USA, – Pavlo Kostyuk

Pavlo K

Business in the USA has changed their attitude towards Ukraine over the past year and is more deeply studying the possibilities of investing in various sectors of its economy, according to Pavlo Kostyuk, chair of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund.

– After the Armed Forces demonstrated success in protecting our territory, the language of diplomacy became more confident. Following the help with weapons, the topic of reconstruction of Ukraine is at the top of discussions in political and business arenas. Working on raising funds for charity fund projects, I can say that this is felt at all levels, Pavlo Kostyuk noted.

According to the chairman of the Fund, it is not only about restoring the destroyed infrastructure but also investments in the energy sector, the banking sector, agriculture, etc.

Recently, the ambassador of Ukraine to the USA, Oksana Markarova, noted that the massive involvement of private business is a very important component, which the entire Ukrainian team is actively working on.

– Ms. Markarova emphasized that in the recovery of the economy, Ukraine should act in such a way as to become a solution to many problems and not a recipient that depends on everyone. This is a correct and clear signal for business, says Pavlo Kostyuk.

The head of the URF supported Ms. Markarova regarding the factors that will affect the success of post-war reconstruction. First of all, it is ensuring the rule of law and a systematic fight against corruption.

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