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Ukraine Reconstruction Fund’s counselor Viktor Leshchynskyi: The transition to alternative energy sources is a prospect for Ukraine in the coming years


Due to threats to the heating season, the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund focuses on installing alternative heating systems in schools, kindergartens, and other social facilities. This was stated by the Fund’s counselor, the head of the National Expert Construction Alliance, academician of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine, and academician of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine Viktor Leshchynskyi.

– Russian propagandists call for the shelling of the critical infrastructure of our cities not in vain.  The occupiers, unable to resist the Armed Forces of Ukraine, began to intimidate the civilians. At the beginning of September, five regions were left without electricity, he noted.

According to Viktor Leshchynskyi, it is necessary to be prepared for the new strikes. The enemy will target key facilities that provide cities with light, heating, water, etc.

As an example, we have Kremenchuk, where significant damage was caused to the local thermal power plant by missile strikes. Now, it is unable to generate heat. Thus, local authorities are looking for different options for heating the city. Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund became one of the first to offer help and start the procedure of heat pump installation in the schools and kindergartens in Kremenchuk.

– Moreover, we install heat pumps in the all objects we reconstruct. We have no doubts that the transition to alternative energy sources is a prospect for our country in the coming years, – stressed Viktor Leshchynskyi.

Experts, involved in URF work on the problem expertise. The fund focuses on new global technologies, the basis of which is environmental friendliness. Cooperation with like-minded people in Poland, the Czech Republic, and other countries helps to find practical approaches when designing social and housing facilities.

– Taking into account the conditions in which Ukraine found itself, promptness is important. With real humanitarian financing by foreign partners, our capabilities allow us to apply quick technical solutions in the installation of equipment at specific objects, – added the Fund’s counselor.

In addition, for its part, the Fund guarantees direct dialogue, transparent cooperation, and clear reporting to all who are interested in becoming a reliable friend of Ukraine in the process of its formation.

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