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Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund signed the memorandum with Chernihiv city council for restoration of the city


Recently, a team of the CO Charitable organisation Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund has visited Chernihiv, the city that had suffered considerably from Russian aggression. During the visit, we held a meeting with the city government and signed the memorandum of partnership for the restoration of objects in the social sphere: sports, medicine, education and culture.

Chair of the Fund Iryna Leshchinska told Interfax-Ukraine.

Every week, the fund’s team visits towns and villages drastically vandalised under Russian occupation. Now, we are gathering and analysing information about social objects that need reconstruction immediately.

“We have seen with our own eyes destroyed buildings in Chernihiv. The terrors that people had lived through are beyond words. We literally have felt the pain of the war by ourselves after the communication with the local deputies and citizens ”, she added.

At the conclusion of the visit, the fund’s team met with representatives of the city council and executive committee. Fund signed the memorandum of partnership for the restoration of objects in the social sphere of the city.

“Fund will analyse all materials about destructed infrastructure in Chernihiv that were presented by the executive committee and will assist in the restoration at most. We will address foreign funds and donors to receive required financing ”, said Iryna Leshchinska.

Fund’s experts will also develop a program of direct help to those who suffered from the war, the fund’s chair said. That means not only material help but psychological rehabilitation of the citizens as well.

Yuriy Ivanov

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