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The Fund will involve companies that meet the world standards of ecology and energy saving for the modernization of the social infrastructure


Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund has started a new phase with the practical implementation of the tasks assigned by memorandums that had been signed with city councils.

Fund’s principle stand states that all projects of modernization of schools, kindergartens and other social objects have to meet the world standards of energy saving and requirements of green and ecologically clean energy.

– We involve the leaders in the industry for the restoration of Ukrainian cities. We will cooperate only with the companies that implement in the work modern energy-saving technologies and care about the environment, – said the Chair of the Charitable Foundation Iryna Leshchynska.

According to these requirements, a modernization plan of heating systems is in development in Kremenchuk. The Fund involved energy service company Ecologic Systems from Zaporizhzhia. It is guided by modern principles of green energy.

– Most perspective heating and cooling systems work on renewable energy sources. A heat pump is one of those. We are going to set it up on the first five objects (three schools and two kindergartens) in Kremenchuk, by the way, – emphasized Iryna Leshchynska. – They will be powered by solar batteries and produce hot water besides heat.

– Heat pumps interchange gas boilers more often, – explained the head of Ecologic systems Vasyl Stepanenko. – The United Kingdom approved the program of changing 26 million gas boilers to heat pumps. Heat pumps are implemented in 60% of new buildings in Germany. Within 2024-2026, members of the European Union intend to prohibit the production and sales of gas boilers on its territory.

– According to our preliminary estimations, insulation and heat pump installation will create a building with zero energy consumption, – said Iryna Leshchynska. – It is our main aim.

Implementation of modern technologies has an additional important social aspect. There are a lot of internally displaced persons in towns like Kremenchuk. A lot of them are located in schools and kindergartens.

– Objects of social infrastructure become a shelter for many refugees, – told Iryna Leshchinska. – Our primary course is the creation of normal living conditions for them, especially in winter. So, they would be safe and children could continue studying. The Fund sees its humanitarian mission as protecting and saving people from war. Certainly, migrants are one of those people.

The modernization of heating systems is going to end due to the end of this year. Meanwhile, negotiations about the installation of heat pumps in apartment houses of Kremenchuk are in progress.

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