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The fund will help to transfer the social infrastructure of Kremenchuk to alternative sources of heating


A month ago, the CO Charitable organisation Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund team signed the partnership memorandum with the city and district governments of Kremenchuk. Now, our agreements begin to be implemented in real life.

A local cogeneration plant was destroyed due to missile strikes. Thus, the prevention of humanitarian disaster during the heating season is an urgent question to be resolved.

On the 6th of July, fund executives visited Kremenchuk and proposed to finance a transfer of the city’s social infrastructure to alternative sources of heating.

Meeting of fund managers with the mayor of Kremenchuk Vitali Maletskyi

– We visited schools, kindergartens and hospitals. We will also try to cover the housing, – said the Chair of the Charitable Foundation Iryna Leshchynska.

The local government has already submitted five applications:

– We will start from school № 9, following kindergartens №32 and №34, school №25 and Globynskyi lyceum №5. We inspected part of these buildings today for a clear understanding of the situation, – said the Head of the Kremenchuk district military administration Oleh Lednik.

– Following week, building inspector specialists will arrive, passports of energy efficiency will be prepared and engineering work will begin, – added city mayor Vitalii Maletskyi.

Tour of the school, which will receive a new heating system

Construction work is going to start at the end of August. A general contractor will be assigned by the Fund based on competitive bidding. The financing of the projects will be completely transparent.

According to the Fund’s counselor Viktor Leshchynskyi, every step made by the Fund or contractor will be publicly spotlighted. Furthermore, reporting will be received by the foreign organisations which cooperate with Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund.


On the main photo: meeting with the head of the military administration of Kremenchuk district Oleh Lednik

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