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The Fund welcomes the initiative for “military insurance” of risks for businesses operating in Ukraine


The Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund welcomes the initiative of the European Union to introduce “war insurance” for private businesses that will participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The Executive Vice President of the European Commission, Valdis Dombrovskis, stated such intentions during the hearings in the European Parliament regarding the consequences of the blasting of the dam in Nova Kakhovka.

According to him, the European Union is working with international partners to create conditions for attracting private investment and business to the reconstruction of Ukraine, as well as to introduce “war insurance” of risks, which will allow starting projects even before the end of the war.

The chair of the URF Pavlo Kostyuk believes that the topic of war risk insurance is timely.

– Foreign businesses will not dare to start large projects in Ukraine without risk insurance. Private insurance companies will not take on such cases on their own, at least en masse, because we are talking about very significant amounts, – emphasizes Pavlo Kostyuk. – Obviously, to fully launch the process, guarantees are needed at the level of governments and international financial organizations.

The chair of the URF is sure that entrepreneurs should feel safe in Ukraine, and this is one of the key conditions for a significant increase in investments in the country.

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