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The competition among young scientists and students of Ukraine will start soon


The Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund and the Council of Young Scientists of Ukraine have agreed on the Regulations of the competition of scientific and student project concepts “Revival and Innovative Development of Ukraine”.

The co-organizers plan to announce the start of the competition in October.

– The goal we set for ourselves is to popularize the developments of Ukrainian students, graduate students, young scientists among the business and scientific community of the United States, as well as to encourage investors to implement these projects, – said Pavlo Kostyuk, chairman of the URF.  – We are aimed at stimulating innovative activities and solutions aimed at the recovery and sustainable development of Ukraine.

The co-organizers expect participants to submit project concepts for the restoration and development of the economy, agriculture, green energy and environmental improvement, especially in the areas of Ukraine affected by the war.

The competition is open to full-time or part-time students enrolled in higher education and research institutions of Ukraine, graduate students, and young scientists.

In addition to scholarships, the Foundation will provide legal and organizational support to the winners and finalists of the competition to obtain grant support from the US government and register patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO.

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