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Housing, rehabilitation, humanitarian aid: Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund is concerned about the problems of internally displaced citizens in Kremenchuk


Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund will take a part in the rebuilding objects for the housing of internally displaced citizens in Kremenchuk. This was discussed during the business trip of fund executives to the town.

According to the Head of the Kremenchuk district military administration Oleh Lednik, buildings in Kremenchuk, Globyno and Hradyzk districts were selected for reconstruction into housing for internally displaced citizens.

–  We were thinking not only about providing people with housing but with working places and social services as well while choosing these buildings, – he added.

The former sanatorium “Slavutych” building in Kremenchuk is considered for such reconstruction by the fund executives and city government.

– 26 thousand internally displaced citizens have been registered in the town since the 24th of February. We can provide housing for 400 internally displaced citizens and their families after the reconstruction of this building, – deputy mayor Olga Usanova said.

Iryna Leshchinska, Chair of the CO Charitable organisation Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund, emphasized that the fund is ready for cooperation and is hoping to enhance its contribution in the resolving of problems of internally displaced citizens.

– We are working in multiple social directions. Building reconstruction is currently in development. Next, we are going to open a rehabilitation center for the victims of war. Additionally, we are going to start humanitarian aid for those who need it at the end of August, – said Iryna Leshchinska.


On the main photo: Iryna Leshchynska and Olga Usanova against the background of the sanatorium that is planned for reconstruction into housing for internally displaced citizens

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