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Revival of the Ukrainian spirit: Head of the URF met with representatives of the Zaporizhzhia Cossacks


Recently, in Kyiv, the head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund, Pavlo Kostyuk, met with Dmytro Sukhinin and Ivan Nonka, members of the Ukrainian Cossack Movement of Resistance to Russian Occupation.

Dmytro Sukhinin is also the chairman of the International Congress of the Ukrainian Cossacks and the Grand Council of Atamans of the Zaporizhzhia Cossacks, both of which are historical, cultural and educational organizations.

Representatives of the Cossacks spoke about the activities they conduct in their native Zaporizhzhia and other regions of Ukraine. Their main task is to educate the population (primarily young people) about national and patriotic values, support Cossack traditions, and preserve the historical truth about Ukraine’s past and present.

The activists organize events in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, and the European integration process. They also establish close ties with the Ukrainian diaspora.

“When we talk about rebuilding Ukraine, we also mean intangible things. Such as the Ukrainian spirit and identity. The very basis of our nation’s existence, which Russia has been destroying and oppressing for centuries. It is our mission to revive them. That is why the Foundation is interested in cooperation with organizations that have relevant experience,” – said Pavlo Kostyuk.

As a sign of mutual respect, Dmytro Sukhinin and Ivan Nonka donated to the Foundation’s collection the books they contributed to the writing and printing of: the almanac “Ukrainian Patriotic Cossacks” and “Military Diary of the National Liberation Struggle of the Ukrainian People Against Russian Military and Terrorist Aggression”.

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