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Residents of the Bucha district are receiving humanitarian aid from the Fund


Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund started issuing target humanitarian aid in the Kyiv region. On August 18, representatives of the Fund delivered food kits to Makariv residents.

Priority is given to persons of privileged categories: those whose homes have been destroyed, large families, people with disabilities, and internally displaces people.

Valentyna Dziuba is among those who have been left without a roof over the head as a result of the russian invasion. On March 6, a projectile hit her house. She was inside and miraculously unhurt. Now, the shed serves as a temporary shelter for the woman.

Liudmyla Yukhymenko and her relatives became homeless on the 12th of March. She is not sure whether there would have been no victims if the family had not left Makariv the day before.

Women are grateful for the help in such tough times.

– Usually, the Fund deals with larger-scale charity projects. However, recently, we have received a targeted charity contribution to provide humanitarian aid in the form of food kits specifically for the residents of the Bucha district. We had formed them and started the target issuance immediately, told the Fund’s Chair Iryna Leshchynska. – Advantage of this type of work is in seeing everything and hearing stories directly from people. It motivates and forms landmarks.

It is worth mentioning that over the next few days, volunteers deliver humanitarian aid in Motyzhyn, Zagalci, Stara Buda, Havronshchyna, Hostomel, Nezhylovychi, and other settlements in the Bucha district. Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund is grateful to Hanna Korbetska, Artem Kyselov, and their project Together good force for productive cooperation.

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