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Preparing for the competition of scientific works: Pavlo Kostiuk met with the leadership of the Council of Young Scientists


Pavlo Kostyuk, Head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund, and Anastasia Simakhova, First Deputy Head of the Council of Young Scientists at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, held a working meeting in Kyiv.

They met to discuss the details of cooperation within the framework of the competition of scientific and student project concepts “Revival and Innovative Development of Ukraine”.

At the meeting, Pavlo Kostiuk explained how and when the idea to support talented young people came about:

– The URF started working in Ukraine in May 2022. Our activities are multi-vector. In particular, we are working on social infrastructure reconstruction projects. From the very beginning, speaking about the post-war reconstruction, I emphasized that Ukraine had a unique chance to attract and implement innovative developments in various sectors of the economy. Our young people have thousands of creative ideas and concepts, but they lack momentum and a catalyst. That’s why we decided to help and hold such a competition.

The head of the Foundation added that he himself comes from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and understands the difficulties faced by Ukrainian scientists.

Anastasiia Simakhova emphasized that there is indeed a downward trend in the number of people involved in science in Ukraine.

– If in 2021 we had 16 thousand young scientists, now the Ministry of Education and Science gives a figure of 10 thousand, even less. There is no developed scientific infrastructure. There is nothing to do research on. Today, unfortunately, science in Ukraine has extremely limited funding, – said the first deputy chairman of the Council of Young Scientists.

In response, Pavlo Kostyuk assured that the Fund is ready not only to financially support the winners of the competition, but also to provide further support in patenting and obtaining grants in the United States.

– The only thing I want to draw attention to is this. These should be original concepts or strategies that will help Ukraine’s recovery, – said the Foundation’s chairman.

Anastasia Simakhova, for her part, conveyed the wishes of the scientific community to hold the competition with the highest level of transparency and protection of intellectual property.

It should be reminded that in September the co-organizers agreed on the contest regulations. The final preparations are currently underway, and soon the URF and the Council of Young Scientists will announce it’s launch.

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