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Preparation for the reconstruction of the objects supervised by the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund goes at an accelerated pace


Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund (URF) works on the preparation of the reconstruction projects of the objects of social infrastructure within the framework of the signed partnership memorandums at an accelerated pace.

So, currently, five force sketches are ready, which will speed up the reconstruction of two kindergartens (Makariv, Irpin) and revitalise three buildings (Kremenchuk, Cherkasy) as shelters for internally displaced people (IDP).

– Kindergartens were damaged as a result of an armed attack by Russians. These are kindergarten “Barvinok” in Makariv and kindergarten “Radist” in Irpin. Everyone is aware of the horrors that happened in these towns. People who stayed there or those who have returned, are in tough conditions. The developed force sketches give an understanding of the amount of work ahead and when it will be possible to launch these kindergartens so that everyday life can return to vandalised settlements, – stressed the Chair of the Fund Iryna Leshchynska.

There is a high probability that one of the blocks of the kindergarten in Makariv will be able to be repaired by the end of this year, according to the representative of the design company with which URF works, Oleksandra Yezhova:

– There are two blocks: the old one and the new one. The new one was directly hit by the missile and destroyed. The old one wasn’t damaged so badly. We have ordered the inspection, the result of which allows us to hope that this block could be repaired this year already without significant material investments.

Three other documents regard housing for IDPs. As has been repeatedly reported, the Fund cooperates with cities that are ready to provide objects for reconstruction into housing for internally displaced persons. In particular, we are talking about the building of the complex of the former sanatorium in Kremenchuk and two kindergartens in Cherkasy.

– This, one might say, is a surplus property that has not been used for its intended purpose. We plan to turn such buildings into shelters where IDPs can stay for some time. In these shelters, we are going to place bunk beds, kitchens, laundry rooms, rooms of rest, and everything necessary for the comfortable living of people who are forced to leave their regions, Iryna Leshchynska said.

According to the Chair of the Fund, architects face a difficult task, because they need to plan a building that will not only accommodate a certain number of people but also meet all modern requirements for comfort and safety.

– First, these buildings will be adapted to the needs of people with limited mobility. So, we foresee ramps there, spacious rooms, and equipped bathrooms. Secondly, an energy audit has been ordered from professionals for all the objects that we are currently considering. We propose to install new heating systems that will be independent of russian energy sources. Thirdly, in new projects, it is necessary to provide even the arrangement of beds so that they are far enough from the external walls and windows for security reasons, Oleksandra Yezhova noted.
Usually, she adds, work on such sketches lasts a month or even more.

– We developed all this in literally two weeks. They worked both day and night, without days off, to move forward directly to the development of projects, – summarized Iryna Leshchynska.

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